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A cleverly worded cork-backed novelty coaster. Everyone knows someone who deserves one of these - for all those who promise they'll do something when they get around to it.

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Lost those keys again? Keyfinder keyring with flashing light and beep beep sound which reacts to your whistle. The keyring is activated by high-pitched noises so that it will respond to your whistle by lighting up and bleeping.

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Traditional Guatemalan hacky-sack, or stress ball, ideal for juggling, catching or just squeezing.

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Rigid luminous-plastic smiley faces. Each pack is a smart windowed carton which also features a Euro-hook allowing it to be hung. A generous amount of reuseable adhesive putty is included in each pack to stick the shapes to walls, ceilings etc.

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Small but versatile rip-stop nylon kites with flying string and tails or streamers. Sturdy construction with plastic frame. Delta, Diamond and Box designs come assorted.

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WAS ?15 .. TO CLEAR ?5 ..Gentle massage tool

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Sudoku computer game

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Lightweight cd walkman earphones included

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Quality philips black and white earphones

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Radio in the design of a microphone

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Philips Eargear Acoustic reflector earphones